28 de octubre de 2011

I do not belong to any political party

It seems laudable and noble to a person to engage in political proselytizing, fighting for their ideals of right or left, whatever the trend as I find admirable. What if I seem out of place is to try by all means and all means when I say very seriously, forcing them to seize fans have a certain guideline, it seems disrespectful to the largest and most essential sense of self Human: freedom and desicion capacity that is actually a great insult to individuality.

I do not belong to any political party, not work in political campaigns, do not sell my soul to any political fanaticism, do not follow any trend neither right nor left. Where there has been electoral contests and choices I demand that I respect the constitutional right not simply vote and I vote NOT.

I am very clear in my life and maybe these words are a bit sharp and cold, but when I say that is exactly NOT is NOT. because there are other people who give meaning to these three letters?,
  if only two Simple!.